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Awesome workshop on TA, wish it was a couple of days more. It made me realize my state in which I am and what is the cause of it.

So that I can call this TA a life change for me and the whole credit goes to you Nandita.
Loved it and the whole process of it the way it happened to me.
Laughed after ages… with the learning.
Thank you Nandita, loved you and the lovely participants in the workshop.

Meenakshi – corporate trainer – best day of my life


- multiple brain integration     coaching 

- hypnosis

- neurolinguistic programming             (NLP)

- past life regression

- Emotional Freedom   Technique       ( EFT)

- Usui and  Kundalini Reiki

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Thinking like Michelangelo -  Developing Clairvoyance 

Be The Energist

The stubborn thing called the inner voice. 

We can squash it, ignore it.. even go against it. But it is always there … whispering to you through your thoughts, the sensations in your body … your feelings… your unconscious behaviours, even through our physical ailments.….

My  inner courtyard is the place where we help you find solutions by helping you connect with your inner self ... by  taking you through a process of self discovery using case studies, exercises and  different  healing methodologies …

Because what is within is without. As the microcosm, so is the macrocosm. And the only way to heal is by learning to  tune in to your life purpose

Come rediscover yourself as the way you truly are .....
Limitless … Infinite…powerful.  

- Private Sessions

- Phone counselling

- Skype Sessions

So, what  does your inner courtyard tell you?


Life Without Boundaries

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Totally enjoyed the processof learning and understanding how to analyse personalities based on TA.

In the process also had a lot of points of self discovery that opened new windows and better insightsinto why I do/ believe what I do or believe!

The program allowed for a lot of unconconcious learning that I am certain I will remember forever.Thank you nandita for a wonderful funfilled program.

                                          Sahana  Rabindranath  --Therapist and corporate trainer 

Nandita, you have been a wonderful coach. Though the session was about a lot of serious stuff , but the way it was carried it was very smooth and subtle.

It was a lot of fum with learning about my unrealized behavioural patterns. Thank you  for making me realize and take me through the session so well.

I would really be thankful if you could extend your help going forward, of which I am very much in need.