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The power of flowers

If we see the world of quantum physics, we find that everything in the world is composed of vibrations . The physical world of the body , as well as the invisible world of emotions – carry the energy of the particular vibration. Negative thoughts and words have lower frequency which eventually lead to depression and disease while positive thinking raises your it.  

In the 16th Century Paracelsus described the healing power of dew from flowers. Nature by itself has its own healing properties The unique frequency emitted by the flowers identified by Dr Edward Bach help you balance the emotions  and provide a wonderful way to heal yourself.

Uses of bach flower remedies

Bach flowers can be used for a series of problems – both psychological and physical. The power of the flowers are enhanced when the practitioner can get to the root of the issue and release the trapped energy accumulated in the cells of the client by asking the right questions. 

Understanding Bach Flowers

- History of Bach Flowers Essences

- The science of healing with flowers

- The mind body connection

- The causes of disharmony

- Details of each flower essence

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Using Bach flowers effectively

- Understanding your client’s  emotional state

- What are blocks and how we identify them

- Recognizing what they are really saying

- Asking the right questions 

This is what you discover in our workshops

The History

Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a medical doctor, bacteriologist and home­opath who discovered the power of  the specific set of 39 flowers    which were  called  the Bach Flower Remedies after him.

Bach Flower Remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can catalyse the resolution of deep emotional imbal­ances,