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Module 3  

Steps to hypnosis

Step 1: the format of a hypnosis session  

 Explaining the process to the client

Understanding the theory and the laws of suggestibility

Step 2: Getting the story

Step 3: Identifying behavioural cues to start the session

Step 4: Choosing the  appropriate script and tips for 

            Structure of hypnotic language
            Trance inducing wordss
            Deepening techniques
            Framing and reframing
           Wording of effective suggestions
           Post hypnotic sessions for re hypnosis
Learning Self hypnosis 


Certified Course in  Hypnosis

This workshop introduces you to skills and techniques necessary to use hypnosis in counseling and therapy for behavioral change. It also helps you to learn the patterns of hypnotic language for trance communication to effect change in self and others. The participants will get hands on experience on hypnotic induction and deepening techniques to use hypnotic tools confidently.

Module 1

 The power of the subconcious mind 

Have you ever been hypnotised ?

What exactly is hypnosis

Since when people have been using this?
Myths about hypnosis 

How hypnosis works

Module 2
Changing behaviour by changing the mind

he theory of the mind and  psychoanalysis 

 - Freud and Carl Jung’s 

the neuroscience behind the subconcious mind 
the theory of the multiple brain

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