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my inner 


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Understanding the multiple minds of  the inner child

  • How they get created.
  • Different roles they take up
  • How they impact  our lives

Integration of the inner child

  • Identifying the trailhead
  • Accessing the part
  • Unblending the part 

'Listen ’ says the inner child, in a voice tremulous with pain .

‘ I am  and I am not  ….all that I seem to be ….

Can’t you see?

 The fat balloons, the  lollypops , the drippy ice-cream   

just hide the  unseen exiles , the  people who dwell within

my breath  is stuck through the ages…

in the throats of this so called family. 

Nandita Asthana Sanker

 Nandita is  an Internationally Certified Coach and trainer,  healer  and therapist  using  multiple methodologies  travelling to many countries in the middle east, Manila and Jakarta in south east Asia, Australia and Egypt. She has trained an estimated over 8000 people from over 30 nationalities in the last 15 years. 

Nandita’s work in the area of healing as been recognized  in the book ‘Change your Life’ written by Sneha Mehta published by Random House. It features the top 15 new age healers in the country including world famous personalities like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bejan Daruwala.

As a professional, Nandita is a co – founder  of Middle Earth HR – one of the top HR training companies in the world. She is a fellow of the world HR board and an advisor to the Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA.


In terms of academics, Nandita is a Masters in English Literature from Delhi University and has a diploma in Journalism. She is a leadership trainer and certified faculty in Psychometrics, Learning & Development, Instructional Design,  Coaching and Counseling from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA.

 Nandita uses the following blend of methodologies in her work. 
•    Certified  multiple Brain Integration Techniques Coach ( - Australia)
•    Usui  Reiki Grand Master & Teacher
•    Master Kundalini Reiki Healer & Teacher
•    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
•    Certified   Body Centered healer 
•    Past Life therapist
•    Bach Flower Healer
•    EFT Practitioner
•    NLP PractitionerType your paragraph here.

Who are these people who dwell within us?

Is there  a happy inner child? Or an angry -shrilled voiced  critic ?

Or a wise old protector  calming the little scared inner child who is scared stiff to face the world? Perhaps  a a lost baby  still silently grieving ?

Who is this invisible family which resides within you? How are these people affecting your life today ?

Fact is, we can control our actions and behavior. But can we control  our inner voices – the little people who never really got a chance to grow up? Creating conflict and stress – preventing you from  truly growing


Here is a workshop to give these a chance personalities a voice. A way to heal ourselves and integrate. This  one day workshop is based on Jungian principles and uses gestaltic techniques to rearrange  internal experiences and  transform their meaning to help you grow as individuals. 


This day spent with Nandita will be a cherished memory at different levels.

When I came for the session, I did not know what to expect, or what is in store.

As the day progressed, I started experiencing 'an' experience. I feel so unburdened at this point. It is true that the inner child needs to be addressed and cared for. The past has to acknowledged and Nandita did an amazing job helping me not only recognize  my inner child but also helped me understand where he is 

is stuck and how I can and and take care of j


I know this session will help me improve my relationships, all thanks to Nandita.

Nandita, you have the power to heal.


Thank you,Nandita.

I got answers to the MOST  important questions IN MY LIFE. I know I will see good changes come into my life. Thanks for finding my inner child and healing her. 

Not for a single minute was I distracted or had other thoughts I was in the workshop throughout.

You have such an amazing skill of bringing out the inner child within us