Thinking like Michelangelo
A breakthrough workshop on being clairvoyant & intuitive

The Third Eye – Yes we do have it! Mythology is not so much of a myth after all. There is a lot more to the world than what we see, understand, imagine and dream.

How do you tune into the Quantum field of the global consciousness?
How can you build a conscious bridge between mind, body and soul to access this part of the consciousness whenever you need it?
How can we get past our thoughts, feelings and emotions - the voices in our heads - which block us from Guidance which is actually always there for us?

Here is a program which will help you not only understand, learn  and experience the connect between the mind, body and soul.

Module 1

Going back to the roots - understanding Clairvoyance
We are already clairvoyant - discovering our gift

How our Higher Self communicates with us

How we are all linked - energetically - scientific proof

-     The difference between Newtonian & quantum physics

-      Roger Nelson's  planet wide field of consiousness 

-      how our thoughts affect life around us 

Module 2

Using our  three brains for enhanced intuition

       the evolution and function of the three brains ( head, gut 
        and  cephalic brains) in our body

  -     understanding how our multiple brains   are designed to help you  become  intuitive  

the  impact of suppressing the 'voice of any of the brains

learning the skills to develop the powers of each brain

  • earning the skills to develop the powers of each brain

Module 3

Steps to developing clairvoyance
How our different 'brains affect us
What is aura or energy body 
Feeling your own aura 
How our aura changes through the day
What are 'aura leaks'
Detecting auric field intrusionsType your paragraph here.

Module 4

Connecting self with others  - reading auras 

Being a medium 
Connecting with people who have passed over 
Preventing  others’ negative energy patterns from affecting usType your paragraph here.

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