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my inner 


Carl Jung called it the Wonder Child…. The  intrinsic, magnificent,  pure  and unblemished part of you which  came to you at birth. But often, this wonder child does not stay that way …. the hurt , trauma, rejection  and suffering we experience as we grow up force us to stifle the voice of this child so that we can numb out its pain.. its our way of protecting ourselves from the pain of growing up.

 This  experiential and interactive workshop is a powerful blend of gestalt based therapy concepts and exercises  you to gain access to your forgotten inner child…. And heal its pain …


Module 3
Recovering your child

Understanding  the path of the child
Using transactional  Transactional Analysis ( our parts)
Understanding the people who create us
the impact behaviours
Learning about your inner child behaviours , language and emotions
Learning the scripts of the inner child

 Module 3
Integrating  & Being whole again

Getting in touch with the inner child
Methods to be in touch
Learning the  subconscious pathway
Tools and techniques to reach outHelping the child with new behavioursType your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Living life First Hand!

Unfolding the drama of the inner child

Module 1
Getting to know your inner child

Who is your  inner child?
Getting in touch  with your lost child
How do you know your child is hurt?

Module 2
How we lose our inner  child
The stages of the inner child
lour physiology (our multiple brains and development)
What does your child wants at every stage
Collecting the pieces of your inner child

 - Our  families
-  Our  environment
-  Creation of the False Self

Is there something missing in your life even though everything is technically ‘okay’?

Are you an addict? Alcohol? Work? Compulsive thoughts which take you nowhere?

Do you find it difficult to say no? Go out of your way to please people often at the cost of  your own needs?

Do find it difficult to trust people? 
Are you black or white in your thinking?

Do you find repetitive patterns in your relationships –which hurt you again and again?  

Do you find success eluding even though you put in your heart and soul in trying to get it ?

Perhaps it is time to pay attention to your inner child and start listening to what is has been trying to tell you for years….

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