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Manjushsha - Hyderabad

Thus began My Kundalini Reiki  Journey
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It seemed like a watershed moment in my journey of spiritual meanderings over all last few decades. I have been a member of Art of Living at least for more than a decade now. I have been reading,   and studying spirituality – sometimes  losing my perspective completely , and yet remaining steady in my search. . Then  KR happened.

When I spoke to Nandita  , i realized  that here was someone who perhaps was more aligned to the idea of healing naturally than than for money.... The simplicity of the  Kundalini process, and no frills fancy of mechanism and lack of obvious pontification, not much advertisement  was something that struck me the most.

About the attunements - immense energies were felt over mind and body,  Loads of past images cleaning out of our minds, shakings of body, vibrations in various energy centres or chakras…it was a roller coaster of physical self-awareness.  So much had been pent up within me that I had not realised,  the outpourings of various blockages and past hurts, stuck up anger and frustration and all that pent up emotions …all had to be released. Much of the unexplained pains and aches were really our own creations of thoughts misaligned with Higher was as if, someone picked up a hose pipe of water to clean up some old Augean stables.

Understanding this with the new eyes that Nandita so aptly guided us on, in this journey, only made me feel a single thought – Gratitude….and only Gratitude…. 

Just experienced one of the most divine moments of my life.

Nandita just did my Attunement for KR 
I was seated first with the fan on in my living room. As soon as we agreed on the time to start...the first thing I felt was like a big boulder on my left palm. It was so heavy. I just wasn't able to hold the heaviness. It was like that most part of attunement. I had to shake my wrist a few times as it was unmanageable. Then my right hand started feeling the same.

With my eyes closed I could see faces. All men. At one point I felt like my feet had roller blades and that I could do skating. 
I saw in my mind's eye like a fan....almost cleansing each aura. Moving from right to left. That was very awesome.
Sudden urge to drink water. The heat in my aura was too much and I had to get up midway to sip two glasses of water.
The heat from the attunement is still there as I type this message. My hands are very heavy. 
Heaviness in my head. Somewhere feeling nausea feeling.  I thoroughly feel blessed to have such high energy vibrations in my hands My hands are still shaky and never have I felt them this hot, heavy and vibrating.
During the attunement there was few moments I felt like placing my hands on a few body positons. 

Thanks and ever so grateful for this Nandita 

" If somebody wants to learn from online teacher regarding some serious matter specially as serious as

Kundaline reiki without doubt then one should contact  Nandita Shankar                       

I have never met a disciplined and dedicated teacher who give importance to student development instead of just earning the fees ,as far as attunement I have really enjoyed the learning and the attunement . During the attunement I have observed the following 

The attunement experience - During the  attunement I could feel the heaviness in the whole body with the piercing as if needle at a single point in the left foot and pain in the left knee as if something was pulling out . my whole body  became heavy body. Then there was orange light and tinkling in the palm and whole body vibrated heavily. Again saw the earth moon tree just like Google maps close up and opposite.I could see the dark room full of bamboo ,tree and small temple of Lord Shiva ,the date of calender 26.6. 1866,and 26.9.1966 and small dwarf with heavy hair on head hair was just like sack of hair,body temperature increase s was sweating although in the room I was doing the attunement had the AC at 16 but sweating was there then the cosmic stars and blue line ,then there was piercing in right hand nerves as if needle was pricked but slowly it went off ,I could see my ancestral house and small temple inside it.Trees heavy wind.was flowing Had pain at third eye portion. But suddenly every thing stopped and body was still heavy and tinkling sensation and flow of heavy energy in whole body hand was heavy full of energy,had pain on shoulders then specific at right shoulders.Then there was plug out and slowly eye opening and heaviness disappearing and back to normal and switch on the mobile writing the experience. I enjoyed and mixed emotions .

Life for the past few years has been so unpredictable and a roller coaster ride...strange things avenues starting a venture of my own...a turnabout from a quiet n complacent person devoting 24x7 for the hubby n kids...moving in the search of the answers to my questions...getting more aware  and into thae attitude of gratitude..taking each step as it came..
Thats when i came across two very precious gifts that The Universe had planned for me
2...One of the healing tools from her kitty...KUNDALINI REIKI (KR)
I was both scared and in awe of this word Kundalini..i was not ready ever to even go anywhere near the word too...bur yess it held its fascination n somehow against my will pulled me towards it...
As i got talking to Nandita...i dint even realise and  i was enrolled for the KUNDALINI REIKI COURSE with her as my facilitator..She is not only a fascilitator...but every step we take...she walks alongside...holding hands..guiding..pushing us to explore,filling us with immense confidence when we feel scared to move kicking us too when we try to not budge and act like spoilt brats [😊]
The attunements were a wowsome experience  altogether...the senses sharpened...the awareness heightened...the chakras throbbing we moved ahead...
I was seeing all myriad  of colours..visuals..feeling n sensing new things..getting more focused  and compassionate...getting to know self better ...realising the untapped potential..
She always encourages her students to ask questions clears their doubts...interpreting the experiences  and quietening the fears...
Wooow A LIVING ANGEL is what i would say...
I got so many answers and so many of my doubts got cleared while i was practising Kr on my family and friends...I am in a trance like srate at i am still wondering if its all happèning to me..
I always wished to bring smile to as many lives as possible in this lifetime...and i can proudly say that i am moving closer to my life purpose. ..ALL THANKS TO NANDITA AND KR...

i had a beautiful Attunement, I started doing rainbow meditation and as soon as the energies touched mother Earth My whole being lit up like beautiful rainbow energy and I was filled with rainbow and  colors every where. I was witnessing myself from inside all below experiences.

I started feeling lot of vibrations in my root Chakra and I started taking very deep breathing I was surprised with my own breathing it was like I am a balloon and I am expanding till my root Chakra fully holding breath and releasing slowly. I was getting thoughts of my finances bills etc and then slowly something opened and I was into empty space no light no sound no feelings complete silence, just like being in mother's womb ( I was aware what is going outside was able to hear traffic sounds).
Then I was arguing with someone and again suddenly I was in cosmic space same experience as above, then again I found myself in traffic for few seconds and again in cosmic space then I started releasing all that's not serving any purpose of my life and forgiving everyone in for everything in all lifetimes past, present and future and did same for my myself as well. Again went into cosmic space this time I saw my spine bones in energy form and it was engulfed in lot of white light and lot of energy movement was happening I was not feeling anything but was feeling some healing is happening there was so much  sparkling light.                        
 Nandita Thanks a millions 

Abhishek  Chowdhary,