" Nandita is one of the most giving, selfless healers I have come across. She has always been there for me whenever I have needed help. Not only has she worked on healing for me, she has often looked up information for me that will help me with my problems. She goes above and beyond what is expected. Also, she is very clairvoyant and knows many things that were not even told to her. I recommend her highly. "
-by Aquamarine ,California.

‘Thank you, Nandita for making my life better. You have been so nice and considerate and cured me completely from cervical spondylitis. I must mention that this world needs therapists like you who are so compassionate and full of love..I cannot forget once ,you gave me reiki at 2 am after which I could sleep peacefully. You have motivated me to take reiki lessons also. I would do that soon "
-Juhi Kanti – Kanpur.

‘Nandita has been a regular healer for my wife and me. With her amazing commitment in our well being, her sessions have been highly effective and alleviating. She has stood by us during some difficult periods, providing repeated therapy, sometimes even at hours beyond normal. I recommend her to everyone who is seeking is looking for an experienced and an extremely effective healer.’
Anurag , Mumbai.

I'm writing to express my heartfelt thanks for the healing session that you conducted on me. It is slowly changing my behavior, the way I look at myself and the world around me. You've made me realize that a pain in my body does not always require a doctor and I could be my own doctor at times . I have started looking at my life more positively.
The training session was unforgettable and you will always be remembered in a great way. May God bless you abundantly for healing people and changing their lives. Thank you again, I love You !’
Carmel Jagdiesh – Delhi

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‘It was perhaps providential that I should meet Nandita when I was going through some upheavals in my life. My father was in the ICU in a coma with multiple organs beginning to deteriorate. When the doctors put their hands up, the family struggled to face the eventuality of letting him go. I requested Nandita to do healing for my dad. Much to the doctors amazement, my father actually woke up gradually started to show signs of improvement Unfortunately he did not survive, but we got a few more weeks with him. Nandita did some channelling with my dad and on her advice we did the forgiveness prayer. All this went a long way in helping us cope with the loss. Her wisdom is rooted in the belief that to be healed, you have to be first receptive to it.’
--Kiran Mittal, Dubai.

This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The venue, the materials and facilitation was excellent. The training was very inspirational. Enjoyed thoroughly, bringing lots of ideas with both substantial and in-depth knowledge. The time just flew by.
                        Mitul Zaveri – Psychologist & therapist
Windwaves Therapeutic  Center, Mumbai 

‘Nandita’s workshop was truly a multi dimensional experience! But naturally so, for Nandita at all times was working with us at so many levels, even more than we realized. The content was enlightening and her disarming humorous delivery brought alive the subject and contributed to the bonhomie between us participants. What a ride!
From jokes to personal healing, interpersonal facilitation to release of deep seeded issues … we covered a gamut of  emotions and traumas, however significant or seemingly  trite, that as humans face and carry deep within us that have to and must see the light of day to be released and transmuted from deep within the subconscious to the conscious self!
Release that truly allows us to access n connect with our authentic and true selves. I would like to say that this was a start of a wonderfully cathartic journey for me. 

Thank you, dearest Nandita !’
                                                                                          -    Gayatri,  Mumbai

‘Nandita takes us into our inner domain which host a variety of circumstantial emotions and consequent situations that are long forgotten but still jar our lives and affect our day to day happenings. If lucky, you may touch upon your own truth, which maybe the same as the universal truth. 
The workshop has been beautifully designed to peel away the layers of artificial conditioning and experience for ourselves – the inherent abstract love, concern and care for humanity in general…

And I guess, that is what clairvoyance is all about - to get into self and to get tuned into the energy of the other. 
Very difficult for some, and simple for Nandita who is a born natural. Her purity, her painstaking research and her continuous practice has brought her to the point of perceptual cognition. What better way to share it with the world. Bravo, Nandita, and thank you for wonderful workshop you have given us.
 Jugnu Saxena - Mumbai

‘I have seen Nandita as a teacher more than just a practitioner. She has guided me during my times of crisis letting me understand the root case of my issues and suggesting the way forward. She believes in empowering others and gives the knowledge to the required depth making one understand the link between different therapies and problems they resolve. She is an excellent healer and guide. Her counselling has helped me a great deal during my times of crisis and when she understands the situation she is just there to help in all ways possible. She reads a lot and does proper justice to all the therapies while linking them up and evaluating them to the root cause of problems "
-Amrita Ghosh , Hyderabad.

‘Thank you Nandita, what I have gained in the 2 day workshop on Developing Clairvoyant Abilities - Thinking like Michelangelo in Hyderabad is perhaps what I needed most at this stage of my life.  

Professionally, I am a trainer / consultant and nothing better could have equipped me to do the best for my clients. Personally, I am undergoing self-realization and some missing links were filled in through your technique on mind-body-soul.  I have also found my “Aura” and understanding of my etheric body.

Nandita's contributions are laudable and she is doing yeomen service to human beings. I will surely look forward to further association with the professional and enthusiastic team of Nandita and Inner Courtyard.’
                                                 Bhaskaran – Hyderabad

"I know Nandita ma'am since 2011 . She somehow, through all the amazing abilities she possesses, figured out about a deep pain/guilt that had been bothering me about the death of a childhood friend of mine who passed away in a water accident in 2009. I would have frequent nightmares about that friend and on several occasions I would wake up very shaken. I was taken aback when one afternoon she texted me out of nowhere asking me if I lost someone close to me in a water accident. It was shocking that she asked me as I had never shared anything about that friend of mine with her. She had some visions of my friend during her meditation and that's how she became aware of it. Since then, she has been sending me distance healing and my nightmares began to subside and eventually stopped. She's been of great help in getting me out of that phase which lasted for almost 4 years. Considering the number of people whose life she's made better, testimonials such as these will do no justice to the selfless and painstaking service she's done to people. She's also my guru in many ways and I seek her advice in most problems I face in my personal life. And yes, I have a signed copy of the book, 'Change Your Life-Inspirational Stories from New-age Healers' in which her healing abilities are covered. :) "
Saood Kidwai, Bangalore.

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I have known Nandita for almost 18 mths now and in that time she has given me many readings, and also distance healings. The readings have always turned out to be either amazingly accurate, or what I later realised, was what I needed to hear at the time to guide me into my own realisation to take charge and make the necessary decision(s) for myself. The distance healings Nandita has done on me have been truly amazing.
A persistent toothache was healed before I got to my dental appointment, and never returned, even though the dentist told me I needed to have the nerve removed, and a facial rash which usually takes about 2 weeks to clear, improved in 2 days, are amongst the several healings she has done for me.

I attended a 2 day workshop on clairvoyance and healing Nandita conducted in Australia. It was a wonderful experience in which she shared her own personal experiences, and gave us the practices of chakra cleansing and exercises of how to go deeper within ourselves to awaken our own healing and clairvoyance abilities, which, when diligently practiced, certainly make this happen.
I can highly recommend both her workshop, and healing abilities.
                                                                                          Helen – Australia 

my inner 


Clairvoyants have always impressed me, intrigued me. I wanted to be one and thus ended up in this workshop. But guess what, at the beginning of the workshop, Nandita tells us that we are born clairvoyants! All of us! It's just that our conscious is too strong and keeps us occupied with so much logic that we do not "see" things. That was news! Good and bad! Good coz here I was- Monalisa! The clairvoyant! And bad coz I couldn't SEE! :(

The workshop was very well designed and informative. The experiment on the water crystals was amazing to know. Nandita kept the interaction very lucid and open. People took no time to share their experiences and figured they already were "seeing" things!
We chatted, we laughed, we shared. We still share on the whatsapp group that we have created of the workshop we did.
Incidentally, there was a practical learning experience too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!

Thank you so much Nandita!   Cheers!
Monalisa Mukherjee - Mumbai

‘I am very happy with the workshop.
Madam Nandita has her own way of keeping the connect with the audience.
She makes us feel very close and does not hold back whatever she wants to express, which makes me comfortable to open up as well. Her knowledge about the self and the aatman and the way she helps us understand in simple language that it is not something you look out for, it is something which you already are. She has helped me with techniques to connect with the self. I enjoyed the 2 days with fun filled laughter and of course the course.’
Thanks and Regards
Srinivas  - Bangalore

‘Nandita has been always there for me whenever I called whatever be the time. She does healing with a good intent and selflessly. My father suffers from severe disc compression pain. It so happened that he was in terrible pain so painful that he was in tears. We were in Delhi at that time. Seeing him in pain, I called her at 1.30 am in the night and she did my father‘s healing. Got a call from her at 2.30 am to check the pain and I told her that my dad had gone to bed. Next day, when my dad woke up, there was no sign of pain at all. Mom found the painkiller which he was supposed to take in his coat pocket. This is the power of her healing she has. She taught me EFT and ensured that I learnt the technique well and became independent. I was a regular victim of migraine and stress used to suffer 8- 10 attacks a month..With her effort and healing, it has reduced to 2-3 per month. "
-Mayura Singh- Hyderabad.

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"I had never met Nandita before I had a healing. She knew what I needed which was chakra cleansing and I left feeling very grounded and very light at the same time. It was a very special feeling, so special that I went back the next day for another healing. Nandita was very aware of my needs and spent a lot of time healing on a subtle level. A week later I still feel the effect which is more happiness, more peace. Thank you Nandita "

Lyn Perth - Western Australia.

I did the Clairvoyance Course with Ms. Nandita in Mumbai in April 2015. I had an amazing time in class. Rather than being a session where the instructor talks and interaction is limited to a Question and Answer session later on, the training was very interactive where my opinion was always asked. There was a free flow to the session that I thought I was having a conversation with people and was learning a lot in the process. There were conversations that made me realize a lot of things that I was unaware of within myself. To me, the training was unlike any other training I have ever attended. I got a lot from it. The interaction did not end with the end of the two day class. Even today, I am very comfortable asking for guidance and receive it almost immediately.                                         
                                                                                    T Gadgil – Mumbai​

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