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my inner 


First of all, I want to thank you for delivering such n information – rich in experience and information over two days. 
Second, I am glad that I am able to witness your communication skills in person. I have gotten a lot to apply and experiment in my own class.
Finally, I must appreciate the level of patience when dealing with such involved participants.I hope to have more such interaction in the future.
                                                                                         Dr Nikhil Sharma

 me this has been a very interesting journey of learning and understanding. Understanding TA in a structured way and also gathering good insights about me as a person and you explained it so nicely. The concept of the free child and its relation to me and my behaviours was a great take away. 
Thank you very much again Nandita for the investment that you have made in me through this program.
Mehernosh Bazun Dittia - Director, Lighthouse Training 

It was excellent having  Ms Nandita Sanker. There was a lot of learning .

I think with this , I will be able to understand my students and my children better
     Dr Ishita Dutt.​- Professor  

Class in progress at Symbiosis, Puna...

Transaction Analysis ( TA) is a science of human behaviour, emotions and thought. Drawing its inferences from the works of Freud, Jung, Winnicott, Maslow and Carl Rogers, it synthesizes  the way people interact and often spoil relationships  with each other based on their unexpressed  emotions and feelings in childhood. 

This branch of psychology has been highly effective in multiple areas. 1. ) increasing productivity in organizations  by improving team bonding and   leadership skills. 

 2. ) Counselling & Therapy 3. ) Family and relationships  4. ) Parenting


Though the workshop is based on TA,  it uses contemperory  research and a  blend of the  latest methods of studying and validating behaviour patterns. 
This workshop uses a variety of different methods like videotaping, psychometric testing and group interventions to validate the concepts taught. its highly useful for
therapists, teachers and individuals working on self empowerment and development.  

      On this planet, there are only a few people who'll believe in you & who'll stand for you ( to transform to live a life you'll love to live ). 
          Nandita is one of them - as she stood for each & every participant ( in our TA for Trainers  training workshop last weekend ). I especially adored the way she navigated to bring out the inner child in all of us by being honest, sometimes blunt yet stood firm as a nurturing mentor to bring an honest smile on the face of the participant.
         The way she's able to see through the exterior to identify the real issue is amazing - it speaks volumes of her expertise & commitment to make a difference.

           I'll forever remember Nandita as a mentor who's brought ' fun ' back into my life ( I'm now experiencing a serene lightness in my life ). Thank you, Nandita for being a compassionate & competent mentor.

            -  Naveen N,   ( Chartered Accountant )
           Trainer & Coach.


Early bird -  Rs.6500 before 14th Nov

Venue - Middle Earth HR

Road no 3, Banjara Hills

Date - 18th &  19th November 

Time - 9- 6 on both days

Limited participants for effective learning

​​Blossom & Mehernosh 

after the workshop

  I just loved your session for explaining the Transactional Analysis concepts very nicely. You

 have really told us in a lucid manner how to explain different personalities and address difficult issues.

                                                                                  Dr. Soma Kulshreshtha – ​ - Professor  

The program was marked with

Thorough preparation
Expertise of TA
Excellent feedback

I learnt TA in a comprehensive way – Thanks!
                 Dr Promod Damle - Professor  


The session was excellent. Good material and had lots of learning.through the past two days.  I enjoyed it and enriched my knowledge of TA. This would help me a lot in my lectures.

Dr Shaji  joseph - Professor  

Thank you very much for effectively Facilitating Transactional Analysis for Effective Training
The conversational - interactive and sharing from the heart by you and my co participants made these two days valuable and productive for meThe video of the presentation gave me an opportunity to receive feedback to grow and develop

 Your style of feedback - sometimes firm and sometimes with humour was meaningful and apt

  The Psychometric tests gave me insights on the areas I need to work on to always be Present in the Moment
 My valuable take back from the Workshop will make my Trainings more meaningful and interesting and enable me to function with Awareness as Myself.   

                                   Blossom Furtado, Director Hypotherapy School of India, Delhi

Transactional Analysis for Trainers

Feedback for earlier workshops

Here is a unique in-depth reflective workshop which is designed to help you increase your ability  to manage your class, by  learning to stay in the present moment - without letting your negative emotion  get in the way.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to       

•   understand the working of their sub-concious mind - the role of their self  image, belief systems    and  motives       in driving their  passion. 

•   the biological aspect of our behaviors 

•   improve class  dynamics by learning to identify the basis of  crossed 


•   Identify where people are ‘stuck’ mentally – at what age      

•   Understanding their own motivations, injunctions, and drivers at different ages

     the impulse behind failed relationships .

•   Learn about personal rackets and feelings

•   Understanding subconscious beliefs and how it influences

     interactions  with people 

•   Define games people play     

•   Create a game plan for change

The whole Symbiosis gang!!

It was excellent having  Ms Nandita Sanker. There was a lot of learning . I think with this , I will be able to understand my students and my children better

Dr Ishita Dutt. - Professor  

  ou are an excellent teacher   and trainer. You have a deep  knowledge and understanding of the subject.You gave us an insight  of not only the theory and the concepts but also the practical and real life experiences.The whole FDP is very engaging, lively and fruitful. I have now a deep interest in the human psychology and the whole credit goes to you.

I extend my warmest wishes and best of luck for your life.May you keep on enriching others lives.

                                                                                  Dr Sonica  - Professor